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Imagine giving tests that not only measure user performance effortlessly but also make the learning journey more engaging.

ClassMarker makes testing simple and efficient, eliminating time-consuming grading and setup. Tailored perfectly for for all organization sizes.

Here's the simplicity of ClassMarker:

Create your test or quiz

  • Easily create test questions, whether multiple-choice or free-form.
  • Develop a bank of test questions to reuse for future tests.
  • Generate new tests Instantly from your question bank with the 'Randomize Questions' option.

Assign your test/quiz to test takers - 2 options:

  1. Create Groups to register your users into and assign tests for easy access. Perfect for tracking regular takers' progress and identifying learning gaps.
  2. Create and share exam Links, or embed them on your site. Great for bulk or one-time testing.

Registered users

Register students to take exams on

  • Test takers can create their own login username and password.
  • Assign test takers to multiple groups.
  • Users take tests assigned to their group only.
  • Send secure messages to test takers within the portal.

Via link

Save time for test takers as no pre-user registration is required (just add your name and email, and you're ready to go)

  • Create a single 'master' test link and email test takers.
  • Password-protect your link.
  • Define public or restricted access.
  • Apply custom branding.
  • Embed tests on your website.
  • Sell access to your quizzes.
  • Save user details like names, emails and more.
  • Track users from your website.

Automatic grading & results

ClassMarker makes viewing and analyzing results easy and efficient. Results are collated in real-time, ready for you to view:

  • By test.
  • By group.
  • By category.
  • Recent results (including those still in progress and ungraded).

You can also export results to CSV files to use with LMS (learning management software), HR software, and other third-party tools.


Make your tests and quizzes highly motivating by offering certificates. You can create custom, branded certificates for some or all of your tests.
You can also display the certificate upon completion for all test takers, or only if they achieve a pass grade you defined earlier.

Use ClassMarker's powerful certificate editor to customize and brand your certificates:

  • Drag-and-drop builder to place text and images anywhere on certificates.
  • Choice of multiple font styles and sizes.
  • Choose from a catalog of professional certificate design backgrounds or upload your own.
  • Dynamically include the test taker's name, test name, test score and test date.
  • Select different date display formats.
  • Add your signature.
  • Choose from portrait or landscape-orientated certificates in A4, letter or wallet sizes.


ClassMarker is the best tool for business owners, trainers, and educators to give the gift of knowledge to others.

It's trusted by governments, education institutions, Fortune 500s, medical companies, transportation companies, oil and shipping companies, banking institutions, aviation companies, recruitment agencies, and defense contractors, to name a few. Therefore, security has to be our number one priority.

Security features you can expect as standard are:

  • Online quizzes and data delivered over secure HTTPS/TLS protocol.
  • Test data kept private with 24/7 monitored high-security enterprise-level hosting.
  • Password-protected, traceable test access.
  • Up-to-date servers with the latest security updates.
  • US-central data center with industry-best security (motion-detecting CCTV security cameras, employee-only access, 24/7 staffed security, latest security system controls and reinforced concrete walls).
  • GDPR, CCPA, and NY Ed Compliant (contact us for our Data Protection Agreement).
  • Your data backed up securely offsite.


ClassMarker's mission is to make education accessible to everyone.

Therefore, ClassMarker:

  • Works across all major operating systems, web browsers, and devices.
  • Is cloud-based, removing the need to install and maintain software.
  • Has a test taker's interface built to meet 508 compliance to work with screen readers and magnifiers.

Whether you're a school teacher, university lecturer, trainer, HR manager, or small business owner, now you can easily create quizzes, tests, and exams without worrying about accessibility.

Desktop: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, ChromeOS/Chromebook
Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Portable: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and more

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How do I add and manage quiz questions?

The primary way to add questions to your account is via Question Bank. Each question that you create is saved into your Question bank and can be reused across any number of tests.

ClassMarker provides different ways to add questions to your account:

  • Add questions directly to your Question bank
  • Create a test, and then add questions directly into the test. These questions are automatically added to the Question Bank.
  • Also, you can prepare batches of questions off line and batch-import them to ClassMarker via the Question Bank.

Note: When you make an edit to a question, the edit will be applied to all tests that contain that question.

How secure are tests created in ClassMarker?

ClassMarker tests are very secure. You can include password-protection to deliver secure exams, tests and training to your users. All data is hosted in a 24/7, high security data centre to ensure the highest level of security for your data. All passwords are fully encrypted when stored in our system.

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