Giving exams with ClassMarker

Group Registration or Direct Links – Find Your Fit!"


You have two options when assigning online quizzes or exams:

  • Create groups, register members, and assign group exams to give access.
  • Or, simply create a unique test link to allow anyone to take it (access restrictions available).

Here is how you can choose the option that works best for you.

Option 1: Assigning online quizzes to a group of registered users

Creating groups of registered users is ideal if you regularly test the same users. Groups will allow you to analyze results easily over time and find learning gaps.

There are two ways to register users into a group:

  • Pre-register test users or,
  • Allow test users to set up their own usernames and passwords.

Pre-registering users yourself

  • First, you create a group and register users for online exams.
  • Then, you can customize an email template to send login details to users.
  • Test users will receive links to take online quizzes, usernames, and passwords to log in to the ClassMarker website to take their test.

Allow users to register themselves

  • Once you have created a group, you can create member registration codes so that your test users can join the group (one code per student).
  • On the registration page, they are directed to enter their member registration code and their details (first name, last name, and, optionally, email address). Once complete, they can set up a username and password.
  • Once your test users are logged in, they can view their list of assigned tests ready to take.

Option 2: Assigning online quizzes via a link

Links are ideal for bulk or 'one-off' testing, as no registration is required. After creating your test, you generate one 'master' link that you can email to your users.

You can also use the password protection feature to restrict access only to trusted test users can access your test.

Assigning online quizzes via a link also allows you to use ClassMarker's advanced features, such as branded exams, embed exams on websites, and monetizing by selling access to your quizzes.

View our step-by-step tutorials to discover more about ClassMarker's flexible features

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How do I give exams with ClassMarker?

Can I limit exactly who can access Tests in ClassMarker?

  • Assign to a group
    Yes, It's easy to limit exactly who can access your Tests in ClassMarker.
  • Assign via a link
    When giving Tests via Groups, you can limit exactly who, when and how many times a Test can be taken by Group members.
  • Assign via a link
    When giving Tests via Links, you can set exactly who, when and how many times a Test can be taken using Access lists, as well as select to password protect the Test.

What guarantee does ClassMarker provide?

We know you'll fall in love with ClassMarker because of the time and energy you save in creating tests and grading - you'll never again worry about how to give online exams.

However, if you decide ClassMarker is not for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do you offer a trial so I can test your features?

Absolutely! Go here to create your account now and get 30 days to make an unlimited number of tests.

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