Quiz results graded instantly

ClassMarker allows real-time exam grading and at-a-glance results analysis by group, test, question category, or test user. Sort your results dynamically by name, percentage, duration, and date to create detailed reports and statistics.

ClassMarker enables you to export exam results to your own database via CSV, allowing analysis in Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet programs.

Our flexible results features include:

  • View statistics by category, such as percentage achieved and points scored.
  • Identify correct, incorrect, and partially correct answers.
  • Detect knowledge gaps.
  • Analyze user performance to adapt future exams and assessment methods.
  • Use survey questions to gather qualitative insights and ensure unbiased feedback without point questions.

In school environments, these tools help facilitate conversations that boost parental involvement in children's learning.

Login and available tests

You can opt for automatic grading, manual grading or no grading (survey-type) for each question.

Choose manual grading for essay-style questions. ClassMarker will recalculate the total test score automatically.

Also, you can change a test user's score or question value after testing. This gives you the flexibility to add extra credit at your discretion.

Comprehensive statistics

Instantly access easy-to-interpret statistics for each test, group and user, including scores from highest to lowest, test completion time from fastest to slowest and answer accuracy (correct, incorrect and partially correct answers).

Review answers chosen and provide feedback

Providing feedback for both correct and incorrect answers boosts confidence and reinforces learning. Answer feedback clarifies misconceptions and guides improvement.

ClassMarker enhances this process by visually representing correct and incorrect answers and offering detailed feedback, promoting continuous improvement and effective learning.

Export Quiz Results

Extract exam results automatically from ClassMarker to your database of choice.

Export results to Excel via CSV to easily sort and filter data for your reporting needs.

Learn more about ClassMarker's results in our
step by step tutorials.

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How do I view my test takers' results?

You can view and analyze the results directly from the specific test page or in your Recent Results section.

View your results by group, test, link, category or user. ClassMarker also allows you to export results as CSV files so you can analyze results in Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet programs.

How does automatic grading work?

For each question you create, you can set a correct answer. ClassMarker will instantly grade your test users during the test.

However, if you have an essay-style question that requires manual grading, don't worry. You can grade those questions after the test. ClassMarker will recalculate the total test score automatically.

Does ClassMarker automatically grade tests?

Yes. All questions (except essay questions) are automatically graded. The overall score is again automatically calculated for you in real time when you grade essay questions.

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