Enterprise Quiz Maker

A Quiz Maker for Enterprise Online Testing needs to be high performance and secure to ensure Enterprise Training, Compliance and learning is successful.

ClassMarker provides a high performance enterprise learning and testing platform that is used by Enterprise Clients around the world 24/7.

Most Enterprises will require multiple Administrator to administer online exams and review results. ClassMarker allows this option with unlimited administrator per account at no extra cost.

Adding unlimited exams and questions is also available with ClassMarker to ensure all Testing and Compliance requirements are covered.

Enterprise API Integrations for Online Testing

ClassMarker has both API and Webhook options for full Integration with Enterprise education and training systems and solutions. These remove the need for manually assigning exams and Quiz results can be integrated back into 3rd Party E-learning software or business solutions in real time.

See our: Enterprise Online Testing Integration Guides.

Enterprise Security for Online Exams

Enterprise level security is a requirement for both Businesses and Educators, and at ClassMarker, we believe all online Testing requirements are equally important and must be equally secure.

ClassMarker is hosted on dedicated servers in our private, high availability, load balanced network.

Our US-Central data center is monitored by motion-detecting CCTV security cameras, 24/7 manned security, employee-only access, up to date security controls and reinforced poured concrete walls.

Backup and Data retention

Never lose any Data. ClassMarker runs incremental backups up every 60 minutes stored encrypted at rest.

You have full control over your data, and remain ownership over your data. Export and/or delete your data at any time. Our staff is on hand 24/7 to help with your requirements.

GDPR Compliant Quiz Maker

ClassMarker is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) for creating and administering online exams.

Contact us for a copy of our Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Quiz Maker registered with Russian Federal Tax Service:

ClassMarker is a quiz maker that is also registered as a Russian VAT payer with the Russian Federal Tax Service.

ClassMarker will charge Russian VAT for all Russia organizations.

How to Create Exams for Enterprise

  1. Create and Categorize your Questions
  2. Build your Tests with specific and / or Randomly selected question from your categories
  3. Brand your exams with logos and colors
  4. Optionally Integrate with our API
  5. Pre-register users OR optionally control access using our Access lists
  6. Send Exam links out OR embed exams directly in your website
  7. Review results and analytics instantly
How to create exams for Enterprise with ClassMarker

Embed and Brand your online exams with our Easy-to-use interface!

Embed and Brand online exams in ClassMarker

Review Quiz Results Instantly!

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Easy access across all devices!

Cross browser access

Create Enterprise Exams Online

Our demonstration video walks you through creating, assigning exams and viewing results.

Quiz Maker Software for Enterprise

Enterprise Security. Create secure online exams.

Require Leads? Create Quizzes for Lead Generation.

Allow multiple users to create online quizzes with Assistant accounts.

Avoid Question leaking by Testing all employees simultaneously.

View quiz results instantly and start analyzing.

Pre-employment Tests and recruit the right candidates.

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