Quiz Maker for Teachers

What is the best quiz maker for Teachers?

ClassMarker was built with Teachers in mind. We understand the need for giving online exams to Groups of Students at the same time, as well as, individually.

With ClassMarker, you can create Assessments for learning, and you can Test and Retest Students as much as you require, using the same or different settings each time.

Creating online exams for Student assessment is easy with ClassMarker. You can literally be up and running in minutes with no online assessment software required to be installed on computers at all. All exams are both Created and Taken on our website.

How to Create Questions Online

You can easily create all your Questions on ClassMarker. ClassMarker offers Multiple choice, Multiple response, Matching, True/False, Short answer, Fill in the blank, Video, Audio, Grammar checking, Essay style Questions and more.

  1. Register an account with ClassMarker
    Register your account to start creating online questions today
  2. Select the Question Bank link
    Start adding your Questions to ClassMarker
  3. Start adding your Questions
    All Questions are saved in your Question bank. You can re-use Questions in multiple Tests.
    You can create multiple choice questions, true/false and matching questions, short answers and essay questions.
  4. Categorize your Questions
    Add custom categories to add your Questions into. This is great for analyzing Exam results.
  5. Now create a Test from your Questions
    You can select to have Questions given in order, at random, or have Questions selected at random from your Question bank.
  6. Choose Exam settings
    Set time limits, cheat prevention, availability dates, randomize questions and answers, public and private access permissions, give certificates, email results and select if students can view their results.
  7. Give your Exams to Students
    You can give your Exams to Groups of Students simultaneously or individually.
  8. View results
    ClassMarker will grade your exams, and each Students Test result can be viewed including their selected answers.
  9. View statistics over Question results
    Teachers can Analyze Question statistics to find problem areas.

How ClassMarker Works

  1. Create your Questions and Exams
  2. Assign Quizzes to be taken. Public and private options are available.
  3. Review Student results instantly
How to create exams for Teacher with ClassMarker

Review Student Quiz Results in Real Time!

Review quiz results in ClassMarker screenshot

Students can take exams across all devices!

Cross browser access

How to Create an Online Exam

Watch our walk-through video on how to create online quizzes for Teachers in ClassMarker.

Examination software for schools

Allow your school to give the online assessments using ClassMarker.

Teachers can share Test and Exams with each other.

Assistant accounts can be used to allow multiple users to create online quizzes.

Students can all take their exams at the same time.

Teachers and headmasters can view quiz results instantly.

Keep Students attention and create engaging online quizzes.

View our Online Testing Features.

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