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Question bank
Question Bank
Question bank

Question Bank

  • Questions are automatically stored in your Question Bank.
  • Use categories to randomize the questions that appear in your tests.
  • Question changes are instantly applied to all tests.
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Online Exam Settings
Apply Test Settings
Online Exam Settings

Apply Test Settings

  • Pass mark
  • Restrictions / Attempts
  • Time limits
  • Availability
  • Display random questions
  • Require user info and or ID
  • Award certificates
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Create groups to register users in
Create groups of
registered users
Create Groups to register users in

Create groups of registered users

  • Pre-register users,
  • or allow them to set their own username and password.
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How to create online tests
Test is taken
How to create online tests

Test is taken

  • See time left,
  • Bookmark questions,
  • Get instant feedback,
  • Get scores in real-time.
Create custom certificates
Give custom certificates
Create custom certificates

Give custom certificates

  • Choose from multiple styles and formats,
  • Drag-and-drop text and images,
  • Dynamically include scores and user data,
  • Add your signature.
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View exam results instantly
Get instant test results
View exam results instantly

Get instant test results

  • By Test, group, link, question category, or user.
  • Analyze scores and Test trends.
  • Export results via CSV.
  • Share results via email.
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The Assistant feature allows you to assign multiple administrator roles (Assistants / Exam Invigilators) within your ClassMarker admin account, with different access permissions that you can set for each Assistant.

You can give your Assistants full permissions or give them specific types of permissions, such as viewing results only, managing tests, Categories and the Question Bank or allow an Accounts person with access to only upgrade your account.

Each Assistant you add to your account will have their own login, including a username and password.

You can also create an Assistant without login permission. This will allow you to select their email address to have Test results sent to or Accept Test payments if you charge for your Exams.

  1. From the My Account menu, select the 'Assistants' option.
  2. First add the Assistants Name and email address.

    Note: A verification email will be sent to the Assistants email address before this Assistant can be selected to have Test results sent to them.
    If you want the Assistant to Login to help manage your account, select 'Yes' and add a Username and Password for them to login with. Otherwise, just select 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

    Note: Backup Email option - A backup email address can be used if you lose access to your registered email address in this account, for example, if you move organizations, or or simply lose access to your email, you can use a backup email to gain access to your ClassMarker account again. A collegue can also be set with the Backup email permission.
    You should set at least one Assistant with the Backup email option under your account.
  3. Test Results
    Select the required permissions:
    View Results:
    • View all Test results and statistics
    • Export Test results and payment information (if selling tests)
    • Download test-taker's certificates
    • View Test Questions and answers within results pages
    Reopen Finished Tests:
    • Reopen Finished tests so users can resume them
    • Create a unique resume link, for exams given via links
    Grade Results:
    • Grade Test results
    • Select to email individual results to Test-takers
    Delete Results:
    • Delete individual or all results from Groups and Links
  4. Manage Users
    Select the required permissions:
    Assign Tests:
    • Assign and Un-assign Tests to Groups and Links
    • Edit Test settings for Groups and Links
    Manage Groups and Members:
    • Add and Delete Groups
    • Add and Delete Group Members
    • Export Member Details

    Note: When deleting Groups and members, those members results will be deleted as well.

    Manage Access Lists:
    • View, Add, Edit, Delete 'Access Lists'
  5. Manage Content
    Select the required permissions:
    View Tests, Question, Categories:
    • View Tests, Questions and Categories.
    Manage Tests, Question, Categories:
    • Add, Edit and Delete Tests, Questions and Categories.
    Export Questions and Categories:
    • Export Questions and Categories
    Manage Themes:
    • View, Add, Edit and Delete Themes
    Manage Certificates:
    • View, Add, Edit and Delete Certificates
    Manage Files:
    • Add and Delete uploaded files used in Questions or Images for Certificates for example
    Manage Webhooks:
    • View, Add, Edit and Delete Webhooks
    Manage API:
    • View, Add and Delete API Keys and Secrets
    Manage Account Plans:
    • Upgrade and Downgrade your account Plans and Credit Packs.
    • Download receipts for payments made for your ClassMarker Plans and Credit Packs
    Please Note: Assistants with 'View Results' or 'Manage Questions' permission can view test questions and answers within results pages. If these settings are not selected, the Assistant is then not able to see Questions, download them, etc.
  6. As you can see, the Assistants feature has been set up in a very flexible format to allow the selection of the exact permissions you require for each of your Assistants.


The benefit of registering an exam invigilator is to help you with exam proctoring and supervise users when they are taking their quizzes.

By using Invigilators to conduct your online exams, they can save you time in tasks such as; Checking attendance, Implementing Exam rules, Stop Exam cheating, Book "Testing venues" and more.

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